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Why Kite Shuttle?
From June to the end of August, our bay is littered with bathing areas, where you can not stay as a kite or a windsurfer. There are, however, the yellow buoys, which are specially designed for kites, windsurfers, sailors and motor boats to go in and out to the shore. Who can not hold the height, can not kite here! That’s why we launched our kite shuttle 😉
”Optimal use of kite time on the water! Safety through the practical knowledge of the experienced guide. Frugality is not always the best! Security costs little!”

For kite riders who want to kite at the Gargano relaxed and without risk, our Kite Shuttle is the perfect service. Anyone who starts irresponsibly at beaches right in the bathing area endangers not only himself, but also swimmers. (That is why July August is forbidden on the Spiaggia Lunga, kiting in the first 300m!) If you do not have absolutely accurate knowledge of the area and the knowledge of the wind, you will soon be stranded in the rocks south of the bay!

Who can not hold a height yet, will soon be faced with the problem where you can go ashore? If you wanted to kite alone after the kite course, so far Gargano had little possibilities. All these considerations have led to a KITESHUTTLE -SERVICE.

How does the Kite shuttle work

Each shuttle takes about 2 hours. Reservations should be made no later than the afternoon before the kite day. Registration, briefing and possible borrowing of equipment. Meeting point is at the Kitecenter Isola la Chianca, time will be communicated to you by the kite instructor.

After a brief regulation, you will be helped with launching the kite. You can exercise freely outside the bay! You do not get any corrections, and after about 1.40h on the water you get collected with the motorboat and brought back to the center Isola la Chianca.

Costs € 30.-

“Your advantage:

No long beach walkings to go back! No danger to yourself and third parties at the beach! The rescue boat is always close by!”.

The Kiteshuttle boat can also be booked by groups exclusively for an appointment. The kite instructor helps everyone with the kitestart and supervises the group with the motorboat, helps in emergencies during the relaunch and problems with the water. Should it become clear that a participant does not have the required qualification, the boat immediately takes him out of the water. The group is kitesurfing in the agreed Kite zone and period and is taken on board after the end of the period and brought back to the station. Minimum number of participants is 4 persons.


Take off with us to the next level! No equipment needed.
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Kitesurf shuttle

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