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Why repair at Garganosurf?

Impossible should be possible for us 😉 The best way is to check your material on site and then calculate the exact repair price. You decide what we are going to repair.

”Discuss the best solution for repair. Material exchange service in the time of repair and thus Optimal use of kite time on the water!”

For the duration of the repair we offer you a material exchange service. (With 10% discount on the normal rental fee) For all other sewing and material problems we have an open ear and help you gladly.


Prices and handling

Repair is stuck with semi-transparent tape and sewed it. For all kite repair: Please send sand-free and dry !!! Otherwise I have to charge € 10, – per kite, cleaning costs!


Cracks in the dacron

  • € 15,-    length 10cm
  • € 25,-    length 20cm
  • € 35,-    length 30cm
  • € 42,-    length 50cm
  • € 68,-    length 100cm
  • € 84,-    length 150cm
  • € 14,-    surcharge for the separation in fronttube or struts
  • € 25,-    Sew seams, regardless of length
  • Triangle cracks or others to estimate
“Your advantage:

We are on site and help you as quickly as possible.


€ 10, – to 60, – Small holes up to large cracks in the inner tube, we get you back again!


€ 18,-    Straps sew on one side



Repairs according to cost estimate


Take off with us to the next level! No equipment needed.
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Kitesurfing repair

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