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The kite license

The Kite license serves as a qualification certificate for kitersurfers who have demonstrated their knowledge and skills in a practical and theoretical test. The training is very practice-oriented and renounces deeper theory, 1h with examination. Thus, the basic certificate is the ideal foundation for entry into the kiting.

Die VDWS kite license in credit card format is built into 7 levels:

7 Levels determine the structure in training for good kiter.

The classification helps to ensure that the training programs are goal-oriented and run similarly at all VDWS schools. The student recognizes the steps necessary to be able to carry out this sailing sport independently with the kite. We split the 7 levels into 3 categories again.

  • Level 1-3: Beginner (usually the first two days)
  • Level 4+5: Intermediate (usually from 3rd day to 2 weeks training)
  • Level 6+7: Advanced (usually from 2 weeks onwards)

Level 1

  • General safety, start preparation,
  • Start Exercises, 1. Flight Exercises

Level 2

  • Bodydrag,
  • Kite relaunch

Level 3

  • Waterstart,
  • First driven 50 meters

Level 4

  • Riding downwind, Control, height hold, base turn

Level 5

  • Riding up wind

Level 6

  • Basic Jump, transition turn,
  • Transition Jump

Level 7

  • Rotations, Kiteloops,
  • Graps, One Food,
  • Board off
  • or Raily
Advantage of VDWS license

You get a systematic build-up and recognize your learner sequence.

Perspectives are shown to you.

What are the learning steps, what else can you learn?

When do you belong to the Kitesurfer’s Guard?

Your license is a passport that covers your ability to kite and helps you kite in certain places where a license is required.


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