6h* Windsurf Group Course & VDWS license

185,00 170,00

Included in all courses:

Surf equipment, Veste, liability insurance, rescue and escort service with motorboat,
GS Tattoo, Garganosurf Powerband.

In order to achieve optimal learning success, we only teach with trained VDWS teachers.


Windsurfing group course 6 hours. 3-6 students with the same level are trained by a qualified windsurf instructor 1-2 hours a day. Each student practices with a board and sails.

This course offer includes the internationally recognized VDWS basic license, with a notbooke, 1h theory, and exams for the special deal of € 20, -. so access!

* = free 1 hour additional material rent included!

Of course, we use the latest safety features, and our experienced and certified instructors train windsurfing in maximum safety so you can get to know the sport without danger or frustration.


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