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What is windsurfing?
As the name suggests, windsurfing combines the two wonderful water sports of sailing and surfing. You use the sail to drive you from the power of the wind so you literally slide over the water, standing on a board. It is this gliding trip, which releases a lot of adrenaline and emotions and turns so many athletes into “windjunkies”.
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Windsurfing can learn almost everyone from the age of 7 to 100 years. If you love the water and the nature, you have to try it!

You do not have to be a very sporty type to have fun with windsurfing, and with the high-quality equipment of today, almost everyone is able to exercise the sport as much as possible

The school
We are a member of the world’s largest water sports school association, the VDWS (Association of German Water Sports Schools). Our teachers are VDWS qualified, so you can also get a VDWS certificate. Classes are German, Italian, and English.
“One of our biggest goals is to bring each student one step higher”.
You will be able to take part in group courses of up to 6 students, semi – private lessons with 2 pupils and private lessons. In Windsurf Basic Course, we teach you the best way to do windsurfing with the appropriate school material. Right of way rule and theoretical units on security are part of the voluntary examination for the internationally valid VDWS certificate at the end of this course. From the set up of a windsurfing sail to the tack and jibe, you will learn everything you need to carry out this exciting water sport safely. Even with the advanced courses it comes to optimize already learned, but also learning new movements with power saving technology, such as the beach start or water start.


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