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Our windsurfing lessons are done with material from Fanatic and North Sails. Super light sails for adults, as well as special children’s material are sufficiently available. The beginner windsurf courses are held in shallow water when possible, which guarantees a quick learning success. From the very first start to freestyle and wave maneuvers, everything can be learned in our windsurfing courses. 

Group Courses

  • Beginner/Advanced
Private Courses
  • Beginner/Advanced
Kids Courses
  • Beginner/Advanced

Teacher and safety

 Our experienced and VDWS certified teachers provide maximum safety in our windsurfing courses, so that you can get to know the sport without danger or frustration. At all windsurfing courses we try to do most of the program in the water, in practice. Short theory units and dry training on the simulator support the learning process in the windsurfing courses.


Garganosurf All Inklusive

Included in the windsurfing courses:

Surf equipment, Veste, Liability insurance, Rescue and escort service with motorboat, GS Tattoo, Garganosurf Powerband.

In order to achieve optimal learning success, we only teach with trained VDWS teachers.

Prices windsurfing courses

Group courses

Our group windsurfing courses are conducted with 3-6 students per instructor. Each student has his own board and adjusted sail. So do not be afraid of huge groups in our windsurfing courses, with us you will also be taught individually in the groups Windsurfing Courses


You have some basic fitness and you can swim. (So ​​no excuses!)

The 6h Group Windsurfing Course for beginners includes:

Theory: Wind detection, safety, right of way, courses Practice: starting, go to windward, bear away, turn, hold altitude

Program 2 advanced:

Driving in a harness, fast tack, jibe

Program 3 Funboard:

Water Start, Glide, Power Neck, Duckjibe, Loop, Airjibe … 

In the advanced area, we also rely on learning aids such as video training and radio helmets. The language of instruction is German, Italian and English

Our Tip VDWS License :

For an additional fee of € 20, – you can also take the exam for the internationally recognized VDWS Windsurfing License as part of your windsurfing course with us. You get 1 hour of theory, 1 VDWS – booklet write an exam and obtain the VDWS Windsurf license.

Private Courses Windsurf


In private windsurfing courses, we can train at your own pace, no one gets annoyed because you are slower or faster. All exercises are tailored to you. The teacher is only there for you! This is how we train you efficiently and professionally.


Beginners training or intensive coaching, 1: 1, we can pre-arrange the program for your windsurfing course, and define a realistic learning goal. It’s fun to learn.



Kids Courses

Since we have the morning in the first 50m shallow water with standing area, our school is predestined for children windsurfing courses. We have specialized in children’s windsurfing courses in recent years and our instructors are specially trained by us for windsurfing kids training.

We attach great importance to the children’s windsurfing courses 

  • Savety
  • Playful learning
  • Many practical exercises
  • 1 hour in the morning / 1 hour in the afternoon



We train in the groups children windsurf courses (3-6 group), children from 8 years with a weight from 30kg.

There are no age and weight restrictions in the Private Kids Windsurfing Courses, as we can customize the windsurfing course for the child.

Our child training equipment features the latest technology in child harnesses, kids vests, boards and sails.


Take off with us to the next level! No equipment needed.

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