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Windsurf rental

We rent windsurfing material from the brands Fanatic, Starboard and North Sails. If you would like to benefit from our pre-registration prizes, make a reservation.



VDWS Saftytool € 39.- you can contact us directly, or online here.


  • 1 year comprehensive insurance protection for rental equipment
  • Liability protection up to 2 million euros
  • Accident protection worldwide
MAST & Sail

We guarantee 75% carbon masts on all rigs under 6.0 m². Instead of frustration and exertion, Garganosurf offers ease and success on the water. Here you will find a wide range of sail sizes: from 1.5m² to 8.2m² – sometimes slightly smaller or bigger according to the wind conditions.



To prevent injuries, all mast feet are released with a mast foot protector.




The footstraps are regularly replaced and the anti-slip covering of the boards is renewed.




We give every day a best to give you a perfectly trimmed sail. Thanks to Northern Sails and their unique VTS (Visual Trim System) the perfect trimming succeeds quickly – thanks to North Sails!



Even the youngest, with special children’s material, get their money’s worth. For years, we have been investing in the next generation – the windsurfers of tomorrow. Thank you for the material.

Our center is equipped accordingly:
Customized volume boards, soft decks to prevent abrasions, many options to combine fins and boards to accelerate your learning
Special accessories, such as small sizes in the wetsuits, life jackets and small harnesses.


Childrens Rental Gear


Take off with us to the next level! No equipment needed.
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