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Watersport Insurance

The all – round water sports insurance for

  •  Windsurfer
  •  Kiteboarder und Snowkiter
  •  Jollen sailer and cat sailer

Für 39 € /Year inklusive worldwide

  • Comprehensive insurance for rental material
  • Liability protection up to 2 million euros
  • Accident insurance
Comprehensive insurance for rental equipment

Insured is the damage or destruction of a windsurf, kitesurf or snow kite equipment, sailboat / catamaran, which is rented for hire or paid as part of a package holiday booking, up to a maximum sum of € 1,500 per insurance year. Excluded are deliberate damage.

Deductible per claim:

Kitesurfing/Windsurfing € 50, Sail € 100.

Liability insurance

Cover sum 2,000,000 € flat rate for personal injury and property damage.

Kitesurfing, snowkiting liability: from hold, possession and use of their own and others windsurfing, kitesurfing and Snowkite equipment exclusively used for private purposes. Skipper liability: Perform, possession and use of a chartered / rented sailing boat / Catamaran (Not own boats), which is used without occupation and exclusively for private purposes.

Accident insurance

For all accidents when using windsurf, kitesurf, snowkite and sail material

€ 16.000 Invalidity (Children € 21.000)

€ 5.000 Salvage / rescue costs / € 3,000 death

€ 6 Health insurance / € 2,500


Specificity for Switzerland

Because the relevant legal requirements in Switzerland are covered by the insurance coverage of liability insurance for the insured, Swiss citizens are not in Switzerland itself Swiss insured persons in liability insurance, but insurance coverage if that coverage exclusively for the validity outside of Switzerland, eg is completed on the occasion of travel. The accident insurance and comprehensive insurance protection for damage to rental equipment is the world including Switzerland.

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