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The Windsurf-Basic license

The training for the VDWS Windsurfing – basic certificate corresponds – according to the previous knowledge – about 12 – 15 lessons in theory and practice. The number of lessons for the duration of the course is the goal of the training: the pupils are allowed to wind down to 3 Beaufort, to surf safely in the practice area and to securely back at the starting point.


A practical and a theoretical examination is required for the Windsurfing basic exam. Parts of the practical test (e.g., set-up, knots) can be tested during the lessons.

Practical exam

Setup a windsurf sail, knots, basic position, Board align, control and surfing the various courses, turn, emergency stop, crossing for Luv. The test shall be carried out in wind up to 3 Beaufort. The practical test is deemed to have passed if the required exercises and maneuvers were carried out safely. This also means that the student returns to his starting point under normal wind and wave conditions.

Level 1

  • Basic license
Level 2

  • fast tack
  • fast jibe
Level 3

  • Beachstart
  • Surfing with Harness
Level 4
  • Leeride, Crewfirst,
  • Sailrotation
Level 5

  • planing,
    Surfing footstraps
Level 6

  • Waterstart
Level 7

  • Power
  • Jibe
Advantage of a VDWS license

You get a systematic build-up and recognize your learner’s succession.

Perspectives are shown to you.

What are the learning steps, what else can you learn?

Your license is a passport that covers your ability and helps you wind up in some places where a license is required. For example when renting material.


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